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Boston Party Tours has an edge on the Boston party scene.  Through a small fleet of buses, we can transform a night out on the town into a non-stop party on wheels.  Why wait until you get to the club to get the party started when the party can roll on all night long… 

Boston Party Tours has been entertaining groups heading into Boston for a fun night out since 2004.  Whether the group is celebrating a Bachelorette party, birthday, reunion, work outing, sporting event, or just for a good time, we cater to every need.  Our buses are often spotted around town or many other hot spots throughout Massachusetts. 

Some of the available amenities are:

• Wrap-around, plush seating
• A ground-thumping sound system
• Impressive nightclub light show
• Plasma/DVD system
• Music videos
• Entertainment "stripper" pole
• Multiple cup holders
• Large insulated cooler
• Navigation system

Whatever you are celebrating, we can take that celebration to the next level.  Why deal with trying to take multiple cars into town or designating a driver that may not be so sober after all, when you can leave it up to us to get you safely in and out of the city while providing an entertaining experience you'll never forget.  There is a reason we have so many repeat clients and referrals.  Our clients have come back to us time and time again commenting on what an amazing experience they've had on the bus.  It's not the typical, driving into town, paying for parking, waiting in long lines for one club, and returning home worrying about getting stopped because you're not sure if your driver may have "had too much to drink."  When you're on the bus, you can let all that go because you'll be partying all the way into town, going right to the front of the line, making it to 2-3 clubs in a night while knowing all along you don't have to think about how you're going to get home safely.

Boston Party Buses