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Bachelorette Party Planning

Bachelorette parties are pre party of weddings: they're supposed to make the girls equal to the boys. If the groomsmen can take their boy out for a night of debauchery, so can you, right? As a bridesmaid, one of your jobs is to coordinate a "last hurrah" for your soon-to-be married friend. After all, now that she has a matching set of Pyrex casserole dishes, she'll probably never go to a bar ever again. She'll be too busy darning the holes in her man's socks.

When planning the evening, keep in mind what kind of night and activities the bride would enjoy and be sensitive to the timing of the party: she probably doesn't want to go out the night before her wedding. Puffy eyes and puking down the aisle are not what she hired the videographer for. If the other bridesmaids live far from the bride, you may want to consider having the bachelorette party at the same time as the shower.

Just like they told us in high school health class, you don't need drugs or alcohol to have a good time! At the Male Encounter Show a great bachelorette party doesn't necessarily involve a wild night of drinking--spending time with the bride and having a good time together is the what's really important. You can enjoy The Male Encounter Show as well as any of the activities below with or without a cocktail in hand.

If you plan to have an alcohol heavy party, it is a good idea to provide transportation for everyone throughout the evening. After meeting at a central place, you can arrange for a car service to chauffeur your party around all night long in a limo or minivan or, if it's practical, take taxis. This is not the time for a tragic drunk-driving accident. Check out our Transportaion Page for more info.

You can and probably should start with dinner, either at someone's house or at a restaurant. Click here for some great restaurant recomendations for before the Male Encounter Show.
You can spice things up by asking guests to bring a gag gift. These usually end up being sexual, the kinds of things that even if the bride-to-be would buy for herself, she'd never admit to. This is how most brides acquire the items missing from their registries: handcuffs, flavored massage oil, feathered underwear, "massagers." Check out the Male Encounter Store for some great party items
Another popular activity is the quiz the groom game. Ahead of time, ask the groom some very personal questions about the relationship. Be as bold as you dare. You might start with cute questions like "where was your first kiss?" or "what's your favorite thing about Muffy?" before moving onto the more delicate realm of "what was your most embarrassing private moment?" or "how long does sex last?" (Sometimes e-mail is better for these sorts of questions.) Then ask the bride the same questions and see how many answers matched.
Or how about a game of dirty Pictionary. Embarrass everyone, not just the bride! It's quite tricky to draw some of those things.
Consider "truth or dare" or " I never." Yes, this does require reverting back to the teenage years, but just think of all the stuff you'll hear that you (probably) never even dreamed of back in high school.

Once you arrive at The Male Encounter Show, its time to let loose and be pampered Male Encounter style. The show is intended to be wild and fun, so enjoy yourselves. One great option, while at the show is to have the bride to be brought up on stage and incorporated into the dancer's performance. This is sure to be both memorable and embarrassing. Also be sure to have lots and lots of single dollar bills for the bride to stuff into the appropriate places.

When in doubt, go with a classic. Getting drunk and embarrassing the bride in public remains the most popular bachelorette party option. Some little touches might involve:??????

1. Preparing a special scavenger hunt for the bride. Make her work for her drinks as she collects items from the other bar patrons. Some suggestions might include a condom, a cigarette, a business card, a red-headed guy, a roll of toilet paper from the men's room or a certain kind of drink.

2. Make a special costume for the bride. We've all seen the drunken girl in a bridal veil out at a bar, haven't we? Sometimes this party veil is made of or covered with condoms. You could also give her a T-shirt or hat to wear with an obnoxious slogan or silly picture on it. Sparkly tiaras also work well.

3. Have the entire bachlorette party dress thematically, i.e. denim skirts/cowboy hats, black dresses, boas around the neck and so on. Or, as one visitor recommends, tell everyone to dress in the same color (Red is definitely best!). You can drink red wine and red cocktails and eat red strawberries. Be assured, you will get tons of attention. Enjoy!

4. The activity shirt. In one version, charmingly called, "suck for a buck," you adorn a T-shirt with candy and offer the males at the bar a chance to remove a piece of candy for $1. Another option is to have the bride wear a white T-shirt and ask various men at the bar to decorate it (you provide the markers).

5. If you're feeling generous, you can try this suggestion from an enterprising reader: Have every woman at the party wear a candy necklace, offering nibbles for $1. Give the proceeds to the bride (our reader claims to have pooled $300).

6. Have the DJ make a special announcement about the bride. Maybe even a spotlight dance for the (un)lucky lady?

The bride should not have to pay for anything during the course of the party. If it's at a restaurant or bar, the attendants pay the check. If it involves going away, you should expect to pay for the cost of activities and accommodations. She should, however, expect to pay the cost of transportation to the party. That being said, be sure that she wants to incur the cost of a plane ticket before deciding to have an out-of-town party